Make a wish.

We accomplish.

We are Goldfish Project.

We swim upstream to find opportunities where everyone else finds barriers.

We build brands with soul and purpose, using cut-through strategies and meaningful actions.

We turn briefs into big ideas and partnerships into successful stories. Making a difference. Accomplishing anything.


We dare to swim differently.

But always by your side.

We listen.

We’re here all ears to understand your wish, your brand and your consumers and to offer you the best creative products and solutions.

We think.

Our experience has taught us that nothing solid is created without finding those impactful insights, and that nothing memorable is created without a lateral approach.

We create.

With courage and determination, we think outside the tank, and so do you. The campaigns we deliver keep your consumers engaged and your numbers on the rise.

We perform.

Agile like a goldfish, we know how to face any challenges that might come, offering you a results-oriented perspective and the confidence you are in good hands.

We are here.

We are partners, not suppliers. Count on us and be sure we’ll offer you the best solutions, a strong and structured brand vision and a pinch of magic on top. That’s how wishes come true, after all.

From wish to accomplish. Here’s what we can do.

From wish to accomplish. Here’s what we can do.

Brand building

We create stories. Good ones. Meaningful ones. All in the shape of integrated advertising services.


3D design

Copywriting & content creation

Video Content

Key visuals

Brand identity

Digital design



Shopper experience

There’s nothing better than seeing your customers impressed and engaged. Consider it done, from powerpoint to shelf.

Category branding – design & production

Point-of-sales materials design & production

Promotional campaigns

Brand activation events

Digital activation

Like fish in the water are our consumers online. We’ll make their user experience a swim to remember.

Web page design and development or applications

Social media content development and management

Pay-per-click campaigns

Influencers campaigns


Corporate communication

A brand is as strong as the company growing it. We’re here to help companies build a strong organizational culture with innovative tools and engaging employee activations.

Employer branding campaigns

Corporate events

Trusted by them.


Let’s get to know each other.

We’re happy to listen.